What You Need To Know

Well, for one – I am a normal 28 year old woman. I am in a partnership (read more here if you want to know why I call it partnership) with a guy – raising two kids in a small prairie town. Allie Banks isn’t my real name – it’s just what I do. I do a lot of banking. I figured it’d be a great pen name and describe best what I am passionate about – money.

Not just having money though, more like watching it do things I never learnt it could do when I was growing up. Now that I am a full time adult and all…

Why Should You Read My Blog?

Well, you probably shouldn’t unless you either love money as much as I do, or are so terrible with money that your hair is falling out from over-pulling. See, I was one of those statistics growing up – and I am still a very low-income earner. I feel like a lot of people can relate to me on that level. If you can’t, and want to sip your chardonnay while you gawk at my paychecks – that’s fine too.

I’m doing this partially to keep myself accountable, and partially as a journal to see how I grow and evolve as a person. I’m going to list a ton of really stupid mistakes like the time I got my first credit card while I was on income assistance, or how I can’t get a cell phone plan anywhere because I owe(d) them all money. There’s tons. Hopefully you can learn from them, but maybe you’re like me and need to learn for yourself, and now you’re here – pulling your hair out.

Hope you give it a chance. I’m known for being mildly entertaining.