Frequently Asked

Do you accept guest posts?
Well, that depends. You’re more than free to submit one, but basically it’ll need to wow me. My own stuff is you know – amazing, so yours needs to be even better. In all honesty, if it fits in with the financial theme of my blog, and offers quality information and I find that you are an awesome person, then yes.

Can you give me financial advice?
Well…legally no. As a friend asking another friend, sure – but then we’d have to call it an opinion. We all know what opinions do to people. However, if you give me an idea for a blog post using your situation – I can just write about it, you can read it and we can still be good friends.

Can you advertise my product on your blog?
I usually only advertise products I really LOVE using and use all the time. If you have an app you’d like me to try – sure, but be warned – I write honestly. I will write a review and if your product sucks, I will tell you.