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I Just Left My Job And It Is The Best Feeling In The World

For the past three years, I have been working as a replenishment clerk for a large chain grocery store. Stocking shelves for minimum wage (basically.) It was probably one of the most demoralizing, disrespectful, drudgery-inducing jobs I have ever had…and I just left it.

Sometimes life presents opportunities – scary ones, exciting ones – doesn’t matter. I had the opportunity an hour ago to stay and fight for another week at a position I hated, I am sure they would have let me stay – but I had no more fight left in me.

You see, this comes from a super long line of bosses that shouldn’t be bosses. I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking “Eugh, another fucking millenial that’s privileged and thinks they can just waste everyone’s time.” No.

You see, I have another job lined up a week from now. When I went on the interview, they saw the potential in me, they recognized that I had more to offer than the task at hand – talking about where I could go and what I could be. At some point, I was at that same point in the job I just left – and they just left me there to die. All that recognized potential, all of that was ruined by one person telling me “You’ve been nothing but problems since you’ve been here.”

No. I was not “nothing but problems.” The fact that you had to do more work to keep up to the standards being set forth by me because I was damn good at my job is what caused you problems. The fact that I demanded more out of management than excuses and bullshit was what caused you problems. The fact that you are inconsiderate and demoralizing to your employees is what caused you problems. Not me. I go to work every day a fairly happy person – I try to make other people’s jobs easier while doing my own as best as I can.

But when you wreck the mindset of an employee to the point where they feel bullied and ganged up on, especially when they are doing everything they can to make you look good – that’s when you get problems.

I just left my job a week early. I make minimum wage, and I don’t care. Neither should you. If something is sucking the life out of you with that much intensity, and you’ve lost the ability to be happy in every other area of your life because you feel unfulfilled at work – leave. It might be scary, but you need to find someone who sees the potential in you everyday – not just the beginning.

2 thoughts on “I Just Left My Job And It Is The Best Feeling In The World”

  1. Good for you, it was time to leave. With your communication skills you should not have to settle for minimum anything, especially minimum wages. You know what good and bad leadership looks like, I think you are going to be a great future manager. The thing that makes a great leader is a heart for her people and a focus on the mission of serving her customers/clients. You’ve got that in spades, I predict great success in your future, Allie.

    1. Thanks for the comment Steve! Our family has been going through a ton of changes, but since both me and my husband both left the same place, so many good things have been happening for us. I truly think that once you eliminate the negative, positive things tend to happen. I’ve since started at my new position and really enjoy it. I can see myself succeeding very quickly in the years to come there!

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