Three Things I’m Ashamed To Say I Blow Money On

Three Things I Blow Money On Allie Banks Personal Finance

As a personal finance / lifestyle blogger – it’s really easy for me to write about all the great things I am doing with my money each month. It’s something I am completely passionate about sharing with the world because frankly, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. The potential is there to help someone who is struggling with managing their money, so I would rather take that chance.

Three Things I Blow Money On

It gets a little more difficult to share with you the things I really suck at. Like, also money. Some of my fellow bloggers have been going around sharing some of their biggest money mistakes, and it’s about time I share mine as well. Here’s three things I am ashamed to say I blow money on, and a couple bonus money blunders for good measure.


Probably the biggest and worst thing I could ever spend my money on. Funny thing is, I quit for about two years not that long ago. I was feeling better health-wise and my wallet really seemed to like me again. What made me go back? I’m not even too sure. While I was at one point spending over $300 on this filthy habit, I am now spending about $100 a month, and yes – I do plan on quitting again, I am just not sure when.


Tanning!? Yep, and I am not even one of those girls. I signed up for a contract (shame on you, Allie) for unlimited tanning minutes at my local tanning saloon. My reasoning behind this? Extreme vitamin D deficiency. I know – it sounds stupid, but for the low cost of $65.00 a month I can have the option to go tanning whenever I want if I am feeling low. Have I used it in the past month? Nope. Do I love tanning? Yep. Will I keep paying for it? Eh, I have to wait until my three month contract is up until I can cancel – I will make my decision then.


Once or twice a month, usually after a long stretch of work days and little sleep and almost no food, I get this weird craving to binge on junk food. This is when I will go to the store, and pick out everything my heart desires and might desire in the future. A box of 12 cinnamon buns? Done. Jumbo sized bag of munchies? Done. A full birthday cake? Done. Those are all things I have binged on in a single sitting. Am I proud of myself? Nope.

These are all things I am ashamed to say I blow my money on – on a regular monthly basis. I figure as long as I am budgeting, paying down my debt, and working towards my financial goals, a couple little “oopsies” can’t hurt.

It doesn’t hurt like when I turned 18 and officially ruined my credit by taking out a credit card and multiple cell phone contracts I couldn’t pay for. It also doesn’t hurt like waiting until I was 28 to officially start working and managing my money properly. Those are two big money blunders I regret.

So, now that you know my dirty little secrets, spill one of yours in the comments so I don’t feel as bad. Please.

Allie Banks is a personal finance blogger from the prairies of Canada. She’s writing about the latest in fintech, low-income budgeting and improving your overall quality of life through responsible choices. 

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2 thoughts on “Three Things I’m Ashamed To Say I Blow Money On”

  1. I’m sooooo glad I never picked up a smoking habit. I blame it on my mom – she smoked, but the cigarettes she smoked were the nastiest smelling things out there. I often wonder if she smoked a better smelling brand if I would have been more interested.

    1. It’s one of the nastiest habits out there for sure! Thanks for commenting and visiting! My mom was the same way but I think I did it more out of rebellion. Oops.

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